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Unusual to say the least

Yeah, you get a ten. It was a pretty easy ten considering this flash. While the graphics are nothing great, what is said is what's important. It's unbelievable how much stuff the..cat-clock thing made reference to. Therefore I'm not only impressed with the overall thought provoking idea, but with the superb amount of research that you must have done for this flash.

Remember kiddis; research is important.

good job, good job..

much clapping is deserved all around!! awesome story, awesome idea, just great work. only thing lagging was the sound, i don't know what it is with you guys and sound....anyways, graphics were awesome. do you guys realize the level of success you will have if you do a dressup game?


well, i'm not quite as upset as the last guy about the plot, although i admit it was a problem. You guys could have at least bothered to find something more "believable" to how this island could possibly exist. somehow the government keeping it around for killing criminals didn't seem logical to me. Otherwise, good stuff, good stuff. animation was choppy just a bit, but the drawings that WERE there were done with great care. are you thinking what i'm thinking? VAMPIRE HUNTER DRESSUP DOLL!! :)

ImageNation responds:

lol we will get Ngp (our editor) on that doll game right away:) thanks for the review we will keep it in mind

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Good good...

okay, first of all, i was pretty impressed with the overall game. It had great sound, animation, and all that. I had two problems with it: the battle "system" was so horribly average with no little nice additions like say....bombs. Also, if this game was longer it would be great. i think if you can take the time to create the same game but make it 5 times longer and a tad more complex you could be on top of the top 50.

so close to perfect...but...

the graphics are as they should be, i think. The idea is fun, the game looks like it took some effort, the sound is not great, but all right. And overall the game is really good...but by the third world i quit playing, and you know why?? Its just too easy. I kept gaining angels, and the "bosses" were a joke. You just gotta make this more diffucult.


now, this is not a bad IDEA for a game. and not a bad PREVIEW for a game. but THIS IS NOT A GAME!!! the author of this may be a decent programmer. but he couldn't make a flash movie if it hit him in the eye!!!! can you people imagine how little effort was put into that? he has probably 3 frames in that presentation. what a rip off.

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